Real Estate Tour

Your house in Florence and Tuscany

During my tours, some customers, fascinated by the beauty of this land, often ask me for information on how to buy or rent a house or a villa in Florence or in other towns of Tuscany.

I have thought then to offer my assistance to those interested in such a purchase, visiting together the property that they would like to rent or buy.

This type of service can also be combined, if requested, with one of my artistic and shopping tours that you can find on this website.

To facilitate the research of my clients, I have also started a collaboration with some real estate agencies, with long experience in this sector and great knowledge of the real estate market in Florence and Tuscany, which offer for sale and rent a wide variety of houses, villas and other properties.

In the real estate proposals section below you will find some houses and villas for sale or rent sponsored by these real estate agencies and, if you are interested, you can book a visit to the property assisted by me and one of the agency managers.

Considering that the purchase of a real estate in Italy by a foreign citizen is a complex process, which requires the assistance of a qualified and competent professional, I hope to do something usefull to my clients by publishing some FAQ, edited by the Avv. Stanislao Guadagno, lawyer expert in italian real estate law, which can asnwer the first general questions that a foreign citien, who wants to buy a house, a villa or other properties in Italy, might have.