Private Tour Guide

Hi Everyone!
My name is Martina Guadagno and I am a professional tour guide of Florence in chinese and English languages. I would like to tell you something more about myself. I graduated from “Università Orientale di Napoli” with a bachelor degree in International Relations, African and Asian Studies, and during my university studies I attended a one year professional course in Florence where I became a licensed tour guide.

Why choosing to visit Florence with a local tour guide like me?
I am absolutely capable of -handling small and big groups as well as establishing a strong empathy with the people that I lead because my past travels gave me the chance to achieve a huge ability to adapt and to interact with different people and culture. My goal is to satisfy my clients requests, as an expert and professional tour guide I would like not only to tell you about the beauty as well as the story of Florence but also I would like to help you and guide you in your shopping, which is now a big part of the Florence travel experience. Choosing to visit the city with a local tour guide is definitely a better way to set up an authentic connection with the city.

Besides admiring Florence with the eye of a tourist, visiting the most famous squares and museum, you can also have the chance to truly experience the local traditions and habits and identify yourself, even if it’s just for one day, in the shoes of a typical Florentine local. The tours and the itineraries that you can find on my web site are recommended according to common requests, but these are just few examples of what a city with an abundance of traditions and history can offer. I am more than willing to organize you tour of the city of Florence, one which can be tailored to your interest and preferences.