Florence Food and Wine Tour

Live an unforgettable food experience in Florence!

Our food and wine tour will start from the city market, still very popular among Florentines, where you can see how Italians shop. For us, food is not only a necessary element for our survival but it is a real experience: contact with merchants is essential to be advised on which are the freshest products and also to learn some new recipes.
Seasonality, freshness and territory are the keywords.

This food and wine itinerary will focus on discovering step by step what are the traditional dishes and drinks of our territory by digging in the hidden corners of the city and tasting the various products selected in delicious wine bars, ancient trattorias and typical restaurants. Chianti wine and local street food are always a good idea!

You will taste a bit of everything and for the bravest ones I also have in mind some challenges for you to overcome! I don’t want to reveal too much so you just have to plan your food and wine tour in Florence with me. Obviously feel free to tell me about any allergy or food preferences and remember that everything can be customized according to your tastes and needs.

N.B. For those interested, I can organize cooking classes for you in different locations (cooking schools, historic apartments, farms in the countryside, Renaissance villas and ancient castles) to learn how to cook some typical Tuscan dishes together with a professional chef, including pasta and / or pizza, which you can select together with the chef according to your tastes. It is also possible to organize gelato workshops in a historic ice cream shop in Florence to help you discover all the secrets behind its preparation and learn the technique yourself.