Walking City Tour

Let’s discover Florence together!

If you are in Florence for the first time I suggest you to start with this walking tour around the streets of the historic center. This is a pleasant walk to get to know and appreciate the air of culture and history that you can breath in every corner of this city.

Our guided tour will start from Piazza San Giovanni, where the majestic Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, crowned by the largest dome ever built in the world, Giotto bell tower and the Baptistery of Saint Joan stand. We will walk through a muddle of dark and narrow streets, surrounded by the centuries-old house-tower, in order to admire also that hidden soul of Florence, and the Medieval heart of the city where Dante Alighieri was born.
We will continue along Piazza della Signoria to enter into the political center whose symbol is the Old Palace, ancient residence of the Medici Family and today city hall as well as an important museum. The square itself can be considered as an open air museum, filled by wonderful statutes of the 15th and 16th century, such as the well-known copy of Michelangelo’s David.

We will keep walking until we arrive at the Old Bridge, a symbol of the city, which survived many catastrophic events such as several floods of the Arno River and the devastation of the Second World War. Today lots of visitors from all over the world pass through it to admire the shop windows of goldsmiths and jewelry stores, which have more than 400 years of history.

Our guided tour cannot end without trying to seek for luck with another symbol of Florence: the little pig fountain. Located between the Old Bridge and Piazza della Repubblica, it is a must-see stop thanks to an old legend that I will tell you only when we meet, while we enjoy our amazing walk.


  • The entrance to the Duomo is free, so if we have enough time and the queue is not too long, we can include this visit in our tour

  • The Baptistery, the Dome, the Bell Tower and Museo dell’Opera del Duomo can be visited by paying for a single ticket which will allow you to visit them all. The price is 20 € and It is mandatory to book the entrace ticket to climb the Dome in advance.