The Uffizi Gallery

The most famous Italian art gallery

This was the first place considered a Museum among modern Europe and currently occupies the first position in the ranking of the most famous and visited museum all over the world.

Art from the 13th century to Renaissance and Baroque enshrined here, in the 46 magnificent rooms of this building built by the architect Vasari at the request of Cosimo the First, Great Duke of the Medici Family. It was born to house under one roof the administrative and legal offices of the state, but over the years the love that the Medici family harbored for art, known to be collectors of paintings, sculptures and precious trinkets, made this building the perfect place to host the masterpieces that we can still admire today.

Passing through the rooms of the Gallery, you can experience a magic guided itinerary into painting from the 13th century to the 16th century, falling in love with the works of art of the most important artists in the world.


  • The Uffizi Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 08.15 am to 06.50 pm

  • Ticket price is 20€ from March to October and 11 euro from November to February, but it can change in case of special events and exhibitions. The entrance is free for everyone the first Sunday of each month ( in this occasion there is no possibility to book the entrance in advance) and always for Italian and European citizen under 18 or over 65 years old.

  • It’s possible and recommended a reservation of 4 €, in addition to the cost of the entrance ticket, in order to avoid the long queues to get into the museum especially during most active seasons.