Fragrance Tour

The Smells of Florence

We will start our Fragrance Tour using one of our most important senses: the sense of smell. We will sniff the perfumes and the fragrances that are typical of Florence, so that its smell will be impressed in our memory for ever: it’s the smell of marble, precious stones, iris, leather and gold.

During this guided tour we will first visit the magic rooms of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. It’s the most ancient Pharmacy in Europe, famous for selling liqueurs, cosmetics, soaps, herbal medicines, perfumes, and many other specialties all produced following the ancient recipes discovered by the friars in medieval time. It’s a charming, mysterious and ancient location where you can buy so many different products for your body and soul care, but where you can also just enjoy the incredible vibe that comes out from its walls, whose frescos and decoration give you the impression of standing in a very ancient museum. Let yourself be guided through these rooms to experience an authentic travel through magic and mystery.

We will continue our fragrance tour through some famous perfume workshops, where you will live a unique sensory experience that will evoke past memories and will bring you in a magical world of new sensations to discover. You can assist to some phases of the perfume production that still uses traditional techniques and then you will understand how the colors and the smells of Florence blend perfectly with the ones of ancient times and oriental worlds.

Besides personal perfumes, these workshops sell a huge selection of fragrances for your house and for your body care like candles, oils, creams, cosmetics and other scented products, that represent also a real interior decorating object, thanks to the beautiful and handmade packages in which they are sold.

Last but not least, previous appointment, you could even talk directly to the perfumer who, after having discreetly diged up into your life trying to get to know you a little bit, will create your personal perfume. A bespoke perfume that inside holds the hearth of your soul, your personality and your tastes because as you all may already know, our smell makes us unique!