Shopping Tour in Oltrarno

Looking for the “florentine vibe”

Oltrarno, which literally means “across the Arno”, is a part of Florence on the other side of the Arno river which is known as the most authentic and off the beaten track area of the city. In the middle ages, artisans and workmen were living here and their life conditions were pretty hard since they were isolated from all the social and working activities of the city center. Soon after, the situation changed completely because the most famous Florentine families decided to buy buildings in this area and especially because the Medici Family, in 1550, decided to move to Pitti Palace.

The square were the palace was built and all the other little streets around it became rich and flourishing and the presence of the Medici Family gave a great impulse to the growth of the craftsmanship: noble families paid a lot of attention to the way they were dressed and to the their home furnishings so they needed shoemakers, textile workers, woodcarvers, goldsmiths and blacksmiths capable of making unique and refined textures and objects.

That’s how the amount of artisans started to grow and their fame and prestige spread out all over the city. Our tour will focus on discovering these old and full of history workshops, that in the Oltrarno area still remains authentic, and on letting you taste this “Florentine vibe”; the heart and soul of an hidden Florence that, even if it’s so close to the historical centre, keeps intact its traditions and its liveliness.

1. The perfect tour for everyone who is interested in finding traditional shops and local brands which are famous for their uniqueness and quality.

2. The choice of the artisans shops can be made both according to your needs and interests and following a specific itinerary that you can find among the ones I propose.

3. All the tours that I am offering can be tailor made and personalized in order to satisfy your preferences and tastes, so don’t hesitate to contact me to let me know your needs and desires and I will be very glad to elaborate a perfect itinerary just for you.